Academic Year 2020/2021

SA Salaam finds it important that (Muslim) students have the best student experience possible during their student time. With the help of our team we are working hard to achieve this. Are you curious to know more about the students who are working behind-the-scenes? Take a look down below for more information.


Amaan Valiuddin


May our intention always be pure and for the sake of Allah. May our efforts to unite and strengthen the muslim student community be of value by the will of Allah.


Salaam is the place where I found that academic and religious knowledge go together.  I want to contribute to the Islamic development of the Muslim students but also to a good time on campus. May Allah purify our intentions and accept our efforts.

Ömür Gokcinar

PR Manager

When I started studying in Eindhoven there was a lack of an Islamic student association.
Then I met Salaam where I strengthened my belief and met new brothers. I joined Salaam
so the association can keep growing stronger.

Souhaila Azdad

Events Manager

When I think of Salaam, I think about a saying from Isaac Newton: We build too many walls and not enough bridges. This saying summarizes what I want to achieve with Salaam. I want to motivate muslims to succeed in Al Akhira but also in this Dunya. With Salaam I want to show that this two can easily exist next to each other and that success in the one, doesn’t mean a wall to succeed in the other.

Halil Akdemir


Salaam is a community in which I can spend time with my fellow brothers and where it is also possible to strengthen my faith. After being a member for 2 years I joined the board with the intention to help Salaam in any way possible because I want future generations to have an Islamic community at the university just like we had. May Allah guide and help us all on this path.

Omar Hanafi

IT Manager

I joined because I wanted to contribute to bringing Muslims together, and form a strong and
united community. May Allah accept our efforts, keep our intentions pure, and guide us in achieving this goal.

Bilal Gasle

MA Manager

SA Salaam has allowed me to strengthen my faith and be introduced to many inspiring brothers. I am honoured to be a part of and contribute to this organization in order for our next generations to experience what SA Salaam has to offer. May Allah guide me and keep my intentions pure and only for His sake.