70 years? More like a 7-minute story

Everything in life can be earned and multiplied as long as you work for it, except for time. It’s the only ‘treasure’ that keeps going forward and becomes less and less every day. Assalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters. Today I’m not writing this to lecture you, I myself am far from perfect, how could I even dare. But as I am writing this, I am trying to do a reality check. Feel free to do it along with me.

I want to ask myself, how am I doing in life? Like really, how is it going? Am I at the place I want to be? Am I making the most of my days? Am I living in the moment? Am I dreaming about my dream future as well as working on it? What does this future entail? Does it have room for my faith still? Or is it completely based on love for this dunya, and not so much for what actually matters? 

I’m asking loads of questions that some might even consider to be kind of scary, am I not? I get that it can be overwhelming. You know what, we don’t have to know the answer for every single one of them, but please let’s ask ourselves; what are my intentions leaning towards? Am I really living my current day in a way that I won’t regret it later on? Am I acting with the awareness that my next breath could be the last? Or am I away from reality lately? A few prayers slipping away here and there, forgetting to make dua’s, only turning to Allah when I’m angry or sad, but not expressing my gratitude… Does this scenario sound a bit familiar perhaps?

In shaa Allah it doesn’t. But even if it does, realise it’s never too late. YOU can change this. But only if you actually WANT to make that difference. I promise, as long as life might seem to us all, in the end it will feel more like 7 minutes, rather than 70 years.

To help myself with snapping back to reality, I have a list on making most of my day.

First: lessen the amount you spend on your phone. It is a rollercoaster ride, but not impossible! Turn off notifications, monitor behaviour and set rules for yourself. The internet calls its audience users, just like drugs and cigarettes, it’s an addiction. Remember, your phone is the tool, not vice versa!

Second: always try to wake up early. It’s sunnah to wake up early. I’m talking about ‘fajr early’. Mornings have the most barakah, according to our beloved prophet Muhammed SAW, peace be upon him. Hence, as Muslims, especially the Muslim youth, we need to make sure we follow up upon this amazingly beneficial sunnah. I can vouch for this habit being life changing.

Third: define a structural daily routine for yourself & plan your days. You can’t plan every second of your day, but you can’t wake up without any purpose either. This purpose should also include, actually more like, ‘revolve’ around your deen. Find a balance. A simple example would be to add some zikr and Quran reading or memorisation to the beginning of the day structurally. You could also opt for a bit of activeness like a quick workout. This remains to be difficult for me sometimes, and might be for you too, however, at least we are trying, right? In shaa Allah one day we will be able to conquer that nafs of ours and really ALWAYS live up to those structural good intentions 🙂

If you’re still with me, I have two more main items on my list. Honestly, I could type for HOURS and there are many more items to go through, but this much is enough for now. Item four is expressing your gratitude. The more you view the good in this world, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. Don’t count your reasons to be sad, count your reasons to be happy. You will come to find out it’s impossible since there are too many :))

Lastly, remember WHY you are doing this. You are a Muslim, you are special, you are beautiful. You have taken the hardest duty of all, which even the strong mountains rejected, upon you, worshipping your creator. Let’s try to keep on improving ourselves, every moment of the day in shaa Allah, and I want to end this blog by saying:

  يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِى عَلَى دِينِكَ ٱللَّٰهُمَّ


Seyma Nur Günel

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