What is Salaam?


SA Salaam is a student association whose main goal is to connect non-Muslim and Muslim students with the Islamic religion. One of the core values we hold dear to our heart is assisting students excel in their studies, work and extracurricular activities while also supporting them in development of their religious identity. Furthermore, we strive that our members work on personal growth and increase their network. However, our focus does not only lie in connecting students from single facilities but encapsulates cooperation between educational, religious and other institutes over the whole country.


Our goal is to add a new dimension to the student life. This dimension is our Islamic faith that has played an important role in scientific progress throughout the ages. A community of highly educated Muslim students that strive not only for success in this world, but also in the hereafter.


Our mission is to maintain and grow the family-like community we have established in the city of Eindhoven. Cultivating, maintaining and protecting the Islamic identity of our members. We want Muslim students to excel in their studies by stimulating them to aim high and to obtain the most out of their talents and capabilities. Bringing these students together and enabling them to share their knowledge, experiences, culture and … food of course!



Start of Salaam
“Salaam” started as a workgroup with the goal of establishing a prayer room at the TU/e campus. After that we (the founders) decided to from an association to form an academic Islamic community and represent the Muslim students in Eindhoven.


Slowly developing...
2018 was the year in which Salaam developed strongly in publishing their own identity and how they want to contribute to the knowledge broadening of their members. Several events were organized with varying topics. Most impressive was the lecture on developments in the fields of Cryptography and Digital Security. In addition, the lecture about the Rohingya Muslims and the setbacks they face every day was very well received by our visitors. This was the year when Salaam had the pleasure of being published by a newspaper and Alhamdullilah the year in which we were able to welcome many sponsors.


Focus on community
In this year Salaam was able to focus more on its task as a social actor in its community. The initiative of boys nights and ladies eves started in this year and succeeded greatly. It was then decided to continue this for the coming years. We were able to help final exam students by providing a free exam training from which a lot of satisfaction was obtained. We also organised a 5 week module on the biography of the Prophet. In 2019 the prayer room was established in Atlas -1.635 and it has Alhamdulillah been here ever since. Lastly we arranged an Iftar for all that wanted to intend and this became our most attended event ever.


Switch to the online world
The year started with a Golden ages of Islam event in which Salaam was given the opportunity to showcase the lost history of this era. We managed to arrange a Umrah trip for our members and completed it with great success Alhamdullilah. We have strongly developed our online identity through, for example, the Salaam talk show and starting our own podcast! Boys night’s and ladies eve’s continued and 2020 was also the year in which we were given the opportunity to contribute to organizing an open field eid prayer in times of a health crisis. Salaam has gradually grown throughout the years, however in this year Salaam has made an immense growth in board members and ambassadors.