How do you start your own Islamic business?

Was Escobar’s cartel career halal? Firstly, it’s important to choose a business that is halal. If you take a look at what […]


70 years? More like a 7-minute story

Everything in life can be earned and multiplied as long as you work for it, except for time. It’s the only ‘treasure’ […]


The last part – Umrah part 3

Now that we had performed the tawaf and had walked our seven laps, it is time to focus on the prayer. After […]


Performing Tawaf – Umrah part 2

… It was not far anymore. I thought about all the impressions I had from TV. Would it be like on TV, […]


Arriving in Mecca with SA Salaam – Umrah part 1

It would be a shame not to write about this experience. It was the trip of my life and it left a […]


A plea for (more) Islamic entrepreneurship

Like any other college student, you probably wondered what kind of career you would devote your life to at some point.  However, […]


Stories of steadfastness from the lives of the Sahabiyyat

Jannah, the most precious commodity of Allah, the most blissful place and the ultimate aspiration to which the believers race and for […]


Teaching with an Islamic identity

When you ask high school students what they want to become when they grow up, you will most likely hear doctor, lawyer, […]

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